One Year to Ship!

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. – Napoleon Hill

Seeing that the Final Year Project is finally here, I believe it is important to record every step of my progress in achieving this, as we work together to make something amazing. First, however, introductions are in order.

My name is Salman Gadit and I am doing Electrical Engineering at the National University of Singapore. My Final Year Project involves making a complete application that has OCR and using this in a creative way to make a task easier. My partners for the project involve the very fine team of Varun Ganesh, Aravindh Ravishankar and Arnab Ghosh, all of whom are very adept folks at making big ideas and then bringing them to life.

For our FYP we have chosen to make an OCR-based ecosystem that will be used to store contacts. So for starters, we will be working on porting an OCR technology into a WPF application as well as an Android app and syncing them together with an online platform that allows storage and retrieval of contacts. To enhance the accuracy of the OCR systems in existence we will be developing an image pre-processing library as well. Further developments to this idea may include:

  • Moving to Windows 8 ecosystem (if the SDK’s come out soon!)
  • Moving onto more than just a contacts directory to books, magazines, anything that can be OCR-ed

But one step at a time, and so here we go! My sections for a while will include porting the system to an Android platform!

Stay awesome.

– Gadit


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