Tesseracting Android

So playing with the NDK and SDK for Android is not as easy as it sounds. I am primarily a C# programmer so theoretically moving to Java should be peanuts – but it was not. Java sucks! And I had quite a time understanding and reading up on how to make this work. The new resources at developer.android.com were quite useful!

My motive was to reconstruct a very simple OCR app. With the help of Gautam’s article from ‘http://gaut.am/making-an-ocr-android-app-using-tesseract/‘ I was able to finally get the Android starter app with working Tesseract engine running. And interesting point would be that I got this working on both Ubuntu and Windows, though Windows is a bit harder to work with.

One final note – we have decided that the App will be called ‘Scope’, as in scoping out meaning from images. We are on the way! 🙂




17 thoughts on “Tesseracting Android

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  3. Hi, i am a student interested in developing apps and i was curious if you can share the source code/or tell me at least how did you manage to get the data from tess to a text box (elidua1337@yahoo.com)

  4. Hi i am a student and i am interested in these type of apps, can you share the code please or point to the application if you managed to do it. I am specifically interested in how did you make the conversion from tesseract to the text box. Cheers !
    Any response is very apreciated ! (elidua1337 @ yahoo.com)

  5. Excuse me, maybe if it’s too much, but i am really curious in understanding how this works, it looks very interesting. I am kinda stupid (newbie xD) and I don’t understand much just from de code excepting the comments (xD) and some basic stuff, i will be eternally gratefull if you can share/send the documentation for this project or at least if you know a good book on this subject.

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